Approval Management

We advise you in detail on all questions relating to the management of environmental permits and optimize them for the approval process.

Substitute Building Materials Ordinance

The Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (Substitute Building Materials Ordinance) and the amended Bundesbodenschutzverordnung (Federal Soil Protection Ordinance) came into force on 01.08.2023.

Due Diligence

We provide due diligence services within the context of corporate, real estate and land transactions.

Soil and Groundwater

In case of suspected contamination on your property or pollutants in your buildings, we will advise you on the necessary investigations.

Land Revitalization, Redevelopment

Large conurbations often offer sites and areas that have lost their previous function and use. We can help you to put these areas to a new use.

Occupational Health and Safety

We advise you in detail in all aspects of occupational safety and health protection and take over all safety-related planning for your company.

Locations and Directions

Here you can find our locations as well as directions on how to find us.


Land revitalization, risk assessment (Due Diligence) & approval management

Land revitalization, risk assessment (Due Diligence) and approval management – these are the three main sectors of our expertise as engineers and as publicly appointed and sworn expert witness for soil, groundwater and contaminated building materials.

Our passion: technical and environmental consulting customized to your requirements. Our strength: longstanding expertise in the organization and management of large projects. Our goal: solution-oriented and pragmatic ways to achieve an additional plus of efficiency.

Land revitalization

Locations & Directions

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Locations & Directions

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 135-137
D - 48153 Muenster
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