Substitute Building Materials Ordinance

Mantelverordnung – Substitute Building Materials Ordinance (Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (EBV)) and adaption of Federal Soil Protection Ordinance (BBodSchV 2021)

Mantelverordnung: Substitute Building Materials Ordinance (Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (EBV)) and adaption of Federal Soil Protection Ordinance (BBodSchV 2021)

The Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (Substitute Building Materials Ordinance) and the amended Bundesbodenschutzverordnung (Federal Soil Protection Ordinance) come into force on 01.08.2023.

EBV and BBodSchV 2021 are part of the “new Mantelverordnung”.

The Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (Substitute Building Materials Ordinance) regulates the recycling of 18 substitute building materials (e.g. soil, dredged material, recycled building materials, railroad ballast) in technical structures. It thus supersedes previous state-specific regulations, such as LAGA Merkblatt M 20.

The BBodSchV 2021 regulates the installation of materials:

  • in rootable soil layers
  • under/outside of rootable soil layers (pits, excavations, etc.)
  • in the context of contaminated site remediation, land recycling

The purpose of the Ersatzbaustoffverordnung (Substitute Construction Materials Ordinance) and the BBodSchV 2021 is to establish a nationwide and legally binding regulation for the proper for the professional placement, recycling and disposal of soils, mineral construction and demolition materials. So far, these have only been regulated in a very general form at the legal level.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development, justification, monitoring, documentation of sampling by an expert according to § 18 BBodSchG

  • Sampling according to EBV / BBodSchV 2021 (accredited sampling)

  • Investigation and evaluation of samples according to EBV, BBodSchV 2021

  • Planning of the installation in technical structures, in the soil or the disposal routes

  • Evaluation of the suitability for installation of substitute building materials (soil and recycled material / construction waste)

  • Building substance investigations

  • Project management / Project control

  • Planning soil and groundwater remediation

Probeentnahme gemäß Ersatzbaustoffverordnung

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