The earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 has drawn the attention of the world to a country where there are shortages of many things – in particular the prerequisites for a successful education. “Things that we take for granted, such as learning to read and write, are denied to many Nepalese children,” underlines Freundeskreis Nepal e.V. on their website. School buildings are in a very bad state, there is no learning material at all, or the families are often not able to buy such simple things as exercise books and pencils.” But education is the safest pathway to sustainably improve the economic and social situation of a country. “We help people to help themselves”, is the motto of ‘Freundeskreis Nepal e.V.’ whose main objective is the promotion and fostering of education for children in Nepal. The association founds school partnerships, organizes sponsorships for many children, participates in the new construction of ruined school buildings and helps to finance the purchase of teaching material. Right now, after the devastating earthquake in April 2015, it is their main issue to provide people with food and water and a roof over their heads.